We have created a showroom and a testing area in our premises where our customers will be able to see the wide variety of Inconeq’s products in machines we manufacture as well as equipment and display cases of every foreign company we represent.

  Our products are technically supported by our experts and our customers will receive all the information and the ideas which they want and need.

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Testing and Training area

  Every week we welcome the customers who want to test and get to know our technology better, by testing it in a practical environment using the equipment necessary for their needs and their products.

  We will create a workshop fully equipped with Inconeq’s technology in which the sectors of ice cream, chocolate and confectionery will coexist.

  Here our customers will be able to make their own products and discover the benefits of using our equipment at the same time.





  Information technology

  In our new showroom you are given the chance to get to know our technological innovations and at the same time, have continuous meetings and exchange of information with technicians and professionals.

  Seminars are held for professionals and for employees in the sector in which the new technological developments and innovations will be used.

  This exchange of information is essential for a company which has made knowledge one of its strong points.

  Many training activities and workshops which will be held in association with eminent personalities of the sector, like well known technicians of ice cream, chocolate and confectionery from Greece and Italy will be organized.


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Gelateneo Athens – Gelato School

  Our love for ice cream along with the help and the technological know-how of Iceteam1927 urged us to create Gelateneo Athens – Gelato School on the model of Gelateneo Gelato School which is in the premises of Iceteam1927 in Bologna, Italy.

  Gelateneo Athens is a training area for ice cream based on the experience and the technological know-how of Iceteam1927 which has got some of the best technicians in Italy : Our goal is the improvement in the existing professionals and the preparation of the professionals of the future.





One-to-one seminars

  The technicians of Iceteam1927 have got great academic and practical experience : They conduct search and publish texts which will be studied during the seminars.  


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