Inconeq Hellas is a family business and it focuses mainly on manufacturing machines and stainless constructions as well as on selling equipment and display cases from top european firms.

  We provide complete solutions as for machines and stainless equipment for workshops and crafts in many sectors like confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, bakery, pasta, marmalade, doughnuts, as well as the whole range of catering.

  The last years we have also entered the field of renovation of selling places, Confectionaries, Ice cream shops, Snack cafes, etc.

  The display cases and the equipment of the selling places are from top Italian firms, like IFI and Sagi, always working with top architects and engineers.

  In the catering sector we are in cooperation with Italian factories, top in the field, like Fimar, Mareno, Venix, Frioulinox, Forcar, Dihr, Kromo, EufrigorItal Forni, Capitani, Forni Fiorini, Sagi, Starmixso as to be able to fully equip hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, catering companies, etc. 

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  In the bakery sector, we provide Greece with products of the Italian Forni Fiorini which offers a complete solution to the whole range of bread and puff pastry production.

  Since October 2017, our company has been an exclusive dealer of the Italian firm Iceteam 1927. We provide the Greek market with the Promag ice cream machines and the Iceteam 1927 offers the capability to learn about ice cream through the new university of ice cream, Gelateneo Gelato School in Italy.


  The range

  We offer a wide range of machines manufactured by our company and a wide range of stainless equipment, as well as display cases and catering equipment, like : Confectionery, Bakery, Chocolate, Ice cream and Soft & Frozen Yoghurt machines, Doughnuts, Pasta and Marmalade machines, Refrigerated Cabinets, Deep-freezing Freezers, stainless constructions for workshops, Loukouma and Churros machines, Food powder machines, Catering equipment, Confectionery, Ice cream and Snack display cases, Furnishing systems for coffee, snack and ice cream shops, Upright display cases, Inconeq display cases, ice cream carts, etc.

Our experience

  The experience we acquired through our collaboration with top firms of all the sectors, like confectionery, chocolate making, ice cream, etc. has been proved to be valuable since we had the chance to analyse and record the essence of the production process.

  This legacy of experience and knowledge is now at our customers' disposal so as to guide them to make the best choice as for their equipment from a technical and a financial aspect.



  Our premises have got a full series of metal and stainless CNC technology machines.

  In our factory tests are conducted in every machine before we send it to the customer as well as research and upgrades of the machines integrating immediately all the new technologies in our machinery.


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  Our mission

  Our mission is to be a point of reference for our customers, a trustworthy consultant and a supplier of high quality equipment covering every need.

  Our customers' satisfaction is our mission and to reach this point we use a simple recipe which contains three simple ingredients : Honesty, Professionalism, Experience.

  These values form the base of our every day work and characterize every decision and action. And this is the key to our success.



   Our philosophy

  Inconeq takes care of the needs of its customers and transmits this value to its emplyees too.

  The results of this work are obvious as for the quality of our products, the quality of the service and the quality of the human relations.

  We believe that this is the reason of our customers' great trust.


   Human Resources

  The people of Inconeq : A group of real professionals

 Technicians and executives with their integrated experience form the greatest legacy of the company which carries out cohesive and synchronized team work on a daily basis : The ideal mixture for a recipe of success.

  The team designs, manufactures and assembles the solutions which have been chosen by the customers, surrounded by specialized technicians for the installation and the operation of the machines.

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